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Take the Upgrade

Feb 11, 2019

If you think relaxation is an unnecessary indulgence, watch out. Welcome to Take the Upgrade Podcast Episode 35! Your host and therapist is Leanne Peterson and she’s joined by her co-host Natalie Pyles to talk about this all-to-common millennial trap.

 Watch out for this scenario: Things that should have felt good, like relaxing, felt bad. And, things that should have felt bad, like working all of the time, felt good. We don’t always have to be in motion. Leanne is learning how to come to terms with finding peace in the down time. The parasympathetic nervous system regenerates when we sit still and breathe, so taking time for rest is not a waste!

It’s being said that Millennials are the burn out generation. What we need to do is talk yourself into rest by thinking of it as an investment, a necessity not as an accessory. Leanne challenges you to sit down today and just let yourself feel peace.

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Leanne is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Houston and she works with clients all over the country. She is committed to helping you find peace in the midst of difficult life situations and transitions. Using powerful insights into health and energy alignment, Leanne helps you create the beautiful life you want!

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